Oil Rig Salary – What You Need To Know 

How much exactly can an oil rig worker earn on an onshore or offshore oil rig? Many people are confused about these salaries, so this article will shed some light on what you can expect when you apply for an oil rig job. But first, you need to understand that oil rig employees come from several different backgrounds and education levels. Therefore, whether you are male or female, a lawyer or a farm hand, you can land a job on an oil rig and work your way up to a great career. These jobs offer fantastic pay, with an average salary of between $50,000 and $160,000 for six to eight months work. 
Entry Level Oil Rig Jobs 

Guiding cranes that carry loads around the deck is the major responsibility of a Roustabout. He is also responsible for performing general housekeeping as well as material handling processes. A Roustabout earns about $55,000 per year. 

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Medics are generally not medical doctors; however they must have the training and experience in the medical profession as former paramedics or nurses. They are responsible for taking care of sick personnel and crew members on the rig. Also, they administer drugs and maintain medical records for personnel. The yearly oil rig salary of a medic is around $70,000.
A roughneck’s job is not easy. He is responsible for the operation of machines and equipment as needed by the driller. Roughnecks typically work shifts that last 8 or 12 hours. In return, the Roughneck is paid upwards of $50,000 per annum. 


Computer literacy is a must for this position. Also, you should be prepared to get up anytime in the night to receive supplies however you will be paid $55,000 or more per annum for your efforts. 
Rig Safety & Training Coordinator (RSTC)

This is an extremely well paid position because it involves lots of responsibilities. RSTCs earn about $80,000 yearly. A candidate for this position should have knowledge concerning safety laws and company policies; however he or she must also have excellent communication skills and be a skilled manager.


Oil rig Welders build new rig structures and are expected to carry out repairs and maintenance on existing structures also. For this reason, they are required to stay permanently on the rig. The company hires lots of welders when they secure a big job. Welders are often required to move to various locations after a given contract is completed. They are paid about $62,000 per annum. 

Radio Operator 

This job is not as hectic and demanding as other oil rig jobs, but it is a very important job. The radio operator is responsible for looking after devices like the radio transmitter. He or she can earn as much as $62,000 yearly. 


Painters are in charge of all painting works on the oil rig. The annual oil rig salary of a painter is approximately $57,000. 
Whatever your educational background or experience, an oil rig job can be highly rewarding both personally and financially. To ensure you find the appropriate job for you, you should consider joining a dependable agency that specializes in helping people find oil rig jobs.

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